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Wedding Color Palette

Visualizing your wedding color palette can certainly be overwhelming given the immense number of colors to choose from.  There are soft palettes draped in pastels, natural palettes filled with earthy tones and bold palettes that pop with color. There are many ways you can be inspired by color and paint the perfect palette for your wedding day.

Consider your event location, time of year and desired atmosphere when contemplating your wedding palette. Play around by mixing and matching some of your favorite colors. You can create a warm, intimate setting that offers romance with lighter shades or be bold and create a colorful, dramatic palette that exudes energy.

If your are not drawn to Green or a particular color, consider selecting a color based on meaning. Below are the common colors and meaning:

  • Red: courage and sacrifice

  • Pink: love and beauty

  • Gold: wealth, prosperity, wisdom

  • Yellow: joy and happiness

  • Green: life, nature, fertility, well being

  • Blue: youth, spirituality, truth, peace

  • Purple: Royalty, magic, mystery

  • Indigo: intuition, meditation, deep contemplation

  • Whtie: Purity, Cleanliness

  • Black: earth, stability

Meanings from crystal-cure.com

We are always inspired to play with color and create wedding palettes that challenge the traditional thought for weddings. We've featured some inspiration within our Trends section, or check out our blog, Wedding Rumors, for some wedding eye candy.

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