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Flower Trends for your RI Wedding

These days, when it comes to wedding bouquets and boutonnieres the most important rule to know is:  There are no rules!  While it can be exciting to choose from an array of flowers, all the different combinations can be daunting. Here’s a handy guide that can help you choose flowers that will add something extra special to your big day!

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Bouquets with Meaning

There are many ways to express meaning in your bouquet. One idea is to choose the state flower of each of you and join it with the flower of the state you met in; or choose the flowers that represents the month each of you were born.

Often, the couple wants to remember a dearly departed family member. Jeri Solomon of Jeri Solomon Floral Design told us, “I often add a keepsake or memento of the Bride's to her bouquet handle. Perhaps a locket from her grandmother.” Another idea, incorporate a favorite flower of the person you want to remember.

Images by Jeri Solomon Floral Design
RI Wedding Flowers RI Wedding Flowers RI Wedding Flowers
Grandma’s favorite flowers.
Tamara Reid Designs
Include Grandmother's Handkerchief
Vine & Vessel
Instead of flowers, use a photo for the boutonniere
RI Wedding Flowers
Mixing it Up

Brides and Grooms today want to express their individual style and that means flowers that are all the same color and size are often “out” and wedding bouquets and boutonnieres that play with size and texture are “in.”  Here are some of our favorite that fall into this category:


Images by Vine & Vessel
RI Wedding Flowers RI Wedding Flowers RI Wedding Flowers
Vine & Vessel Vine & Vessel Tamara Reid Designs
RI Wedding Flowers
Tell a Story

Tamara Reid of Tamara Reid Designs tells us, “Brides and Grooms are really trying to put their personal stamp on their weddings, such as infusing elements of their hobbies into their wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and decor.”  What a great idea!

Tamara Reid Designs
RI Wedding Flowers RI Wedding Flowers RI Wedding Flowers RI Wedding Flowers
It was an “Edible Vegetable Wedding” and Tamara Reid Designs made a perfect bouquet to match the theme!
Beach wedding
Somer Anne
For the music lover - guitar pick
Emmaline Bride
For the gardner
Jeri Solomon Floral Design
RI Wedding Flowers
Be Uniquely You!

Whether you want a little bling, a bold color for your bouquet or your Groom wants a peacock boutonniere, there’s no better day to show off your personal style than at your own wedding!  Jeri Solomon tells us, “I'm seeing lots of color and texture. Brides and grooms are asking me to include elements like berries, succulents, feathers or a little bit of bling.”

Jeri Solomon Floral Design
RI Wedding Flowers RI Wedding Flowers RI Wedding Flowers
Vine & Vessel Peacock feather with satin trim
The Wedding Outlet
Add bling to the bouquet handle
Tamara Reid Designs
We hope all these gorgeous examples of how to put together a unique wedding bouquet and boutonniere have fired up your creative juices and help make your day extra special!
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