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Grooming Tips for the Groom

Once upon a time, grooms would get a hair cut, shave their faces and brush their teeth and their wedding day grooming was complete.  Since then, magazines like GQ and Men’s Health, as well as TV shows like Queer Eye, have contributed to the evolution of men’s personal care.  Today’s grooms have access to many products and services traditionally used by women.  Now it is acceptable and expected that men take care of themselves and their looks.  A well groomed groom might have a personal care routine that includes not only a daily shave and a frequent haircut or beard trim but also the following:

Manscaping – Many men remove unwanted hair from their face by shaving every day but men are also removing unwanted hair from some other places too.  Before the wedding, grooms might also want to get their backs or chests waxed so that their skin is nice and smooth.  To keep unwanted strays at bay, many men trim nose hairs, ear hairs and neck hairs too. Haircuts and waxing should be done about a week before the wedding to look best.

Skin Care – Men have problems with occasional breakouts, dryness or oily skin too.  So guys are doing what women have been doing for years to keep their skin looking good.  They’re adopting a skin care routine. For grooms who already make cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing a daily practice, they may want to treat themselves to a facial a few weeks before the wedding.  Facials clean, exfoliate and tone the skin for a healthy glow.

Nail care – A man who never had a manicure should definitely get one before his wedding. 
Manicures keep nails looking clean plus provide relaxing massage. There will probably be a few pictures of the bride and groom holding hands, so his nails should look as nice as hers.  

Teeth Whitening – Many toothpastes now come in the teeth whitening variety but for a special occasion like a wedding, grooms may want to try a professional teeth whitening system.  Available through a dentist’s office or at the local drug store, a teeth whitening system makes smiles sparkle and shine.

Tanning – A natural looking tan gives everyone a healthy glow.  For the groom who wants that “in the sun” look for his wedding day, experiment with self-tanners and airbrushed or spray tans at least three months before the wedding to find the right product and shade.

With the explosion in the men’s personal care products’ industry, it’s simple to take basic personal hygiene to a new level.  Expanding a grooming routine will help make every groom look and feel great on his wedding day and every day.

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