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Wedding Ceremony Flowers

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Ceremony flowers may be used to personalize your ceremony site. They are usually beautiful bouquets of flowers that help to decorate the altar and/or podium, and often are brought to the reception site after the wedding ceremony.

Traditionally, there are flower arrangements on either side of the alter. These tend to be on the larger side, so that they can be seen from afar.

If you're having an outside wedding, you may want to consider renting a trellis. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many wedding florists rent these and will decorate them with your wedding colors.

You may want to decorate the pews with a simple ribbon and flower arrangement. You may also use these to mark reserved seats for special guests.

After the Wedding Ceremony
After the ceremony, there are many options for the flowers. Below are some suggestions:

  • Have a family member or guest bring the bouquet to the reception to use as a centerpiece on the gift or reception card table.
  • Deliver them to a nursing home or hospital for someone else to enjoy.
  • Deliver them to a sick friend or relative who could not attend your wedding.
  • If there is a service the next day, they may be left behind.

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