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Rhode Island Wedding Bands

You should hire a Rhode Island wedding band as far as 12 to 18 months in advance. Popular bands will book more quickly, especially during the wedding season. For a five-piece band you should expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500 for four hours.

Selecting a Band
Before you hire a band, you must listen to them first. Set up an appointment to listen to them live. If you are unable to do so, ask for a demo or videotape. Itís a good idea to get a recommendation but an even better idea to listen to them in person.

Make sure that the band is able to play any requests you have. The band must be able to play a wide variety of music in order to keep all your guests entertained.

Ask if the bandleader will act as your Master of Ceremonies. If so, he will need a list of your attendants and the events with specific songs to be played during them.

RI Wedding Bands Questions to Ask a Band
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About the Band

  • How long has the band been together?
  • Do you have a backup, in case of an emergency?
  • How long has the band been playing weddings?
  • What will the band wear?
  • How extensive is your play list? Do you have a playlist?
  • Do you have a DVD or video that I may have?
  • Have you performed at my reception site?
  • May I have a list of recent references to contact?


About the Performance

  • How many hours of coverage? Is there an extra charge if needed longer?
  • How many breaks will you take? How long will each break be?
  • Will you be able to provide continuous music or taped music during the breaks?
  • Will you take requests from guests?
  • Can I provide a “do not play” list?
  • If you do not know a specific song that I want, will you learn it?
  • Will you act as the Master of Ceremonies?
  • How much space do you need at the reception?
  • Do you need linens/table for your equipment?
  • Will I be required to provide a meal for the band?
  • Can you offer services for the ceremony? (ie: vocalist or piano music)
  • Are there any extra costs not included in your quoted fee?
  • What is your payment schedule and cancellation policy?
  • Do you offer a contract?

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