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Our wedding day is the day we've all fantasized about. This was the day we were going to put Cinderella to shame! We've searched through all the magazines and dog-eared the pages we believed in. Now it's time to go on a treasure hunt. The treasure being our dress.


Bridal Gown:

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Keyhole Backs


Bridal Gown Trends


Wedding Dresses

More on Wedding Dresses

Reception Wedding Dress: is ONE gorgeous gown enough? Consider a reception dress.
Selecting Your Bridal Shop & Gown: how to choose a reputable bridal shop and how much to budget.
The Right Style Wedding Gown: find a style that flatters your height, weight and body type.
Bridal Gown Fabrics: discover which fabric will work best with your wedding season.
Ordering on-line vs in-store: trying to save a few dollars? Why Buying a wedding dress online can be a bad idea.
Ordering your Wedding Gown: don't order your dress without reading ! Important info to know.
Adding Color into your Wedding Wardrobe: 6 ideas to add a pop of color into your wedding day wardrobe.
Renting Wedding Dress & Accessories: want that designer dress, bag & diamonds? Don't sacrifice, rent!
Wedding Dress Change: for tradition or for fun, are two wedding dresses better than one?
Second Weddings: before you decide on what to wear, decide on the formality of the wedding.
Wearing Mom's Dress: tips on restoring and updating your mother's treasure.
Dressing for an Intimate Wedding: eight influences on what to wear for an intimate wedding.
Protecting Your Wedding Gown: protect your gown from stains/spills while wearing it.
Selecting Wedding Undergarments: apple, pear, full-figured? Dress your figure.

Bridal Accessories:

RI bridal jewelry     RI Bridal Accessories

Bridal Jewelry


Add Sparkle to Gown


Bridal Accessories

Bridal Gown Coverups   Wedding shoes    

Bridal Gown Cover-ups


Bridal/Wedding Accessories

  Cinderella had nice shoes - but did her feet ache? Find comfort.    

After the Wedding:

Preserving Your Bridal Gown: what to do after you take it off - cleaning and storage advice.
Wedding Dress Destiny: preserve, donate or consign? What will you do with your wedding dress?
Trash the Dress: after your wedding, consider slipping on your dress one last time.
Glam the Dress: don't trash it, glam it! Learn more about this glamorous trend.

More Bridal Attire Info:

Find a Rhode Island bridal shop.
Find a Rhode Island seamstress for your wedding dress alterations.
Find a Rhode Island wedding veil specialists.
Bridal Gowns:
Bridal Gowns
Keyhole Backs
The Right Style Gown
Bridal Gown Coverups
Add Color to your Gown
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Groom's Fashions:
Suits & Tuxedos: 5 Trends
Beyond the Boutonniere
Grooming Tips
Groom's Accessories
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Hair & Makeup:
Spring/Summer Hair
To Veil or Not?
Bridal Beauty Schedule
Getting a Glow
Sunless Tanning
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Misc Articles:
Bridesmaids' Dress Trends
Bridal Purses
Rehearsal Dinner Dress
Wedding Bands
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