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Bridesmaids Dresses that will Set your Wedding Apart

With websites such as Pinterest and Wedding Gawker gaining interest, we're noticing some really interesting trends in Bridesmaids dresses: the biggest - Brides are turning away from matchy-matchy dresses in favor of letting their “maids” express their own individual style.

We caught up with Donna Holland of Party Dress Express, New England’s #1 retailer of wedding gowns, Bridesmaids dresses, Mother of the Bride and Guest of dresses to ask what are the latest trends in Bridesmaids dresses.

Rhode Island bridesmaids
#1 Same Dress, Different Color
“We really love the trend of wearing the same dress but using a different color. How this is achieved nicely is to pick from the same family of colors, perhaps light pinks for some and then bolder pinks for others. Different shades of gray or cremes are lovely, too. A Bride can also be bold and have the colors be very different but unified by a color theme such as jewel tones or pastels. Another great idea is to let your Maid-of-honor stand out by giving her a different color to wear."
Rhode Island bridesmaids dresses
#2 - Different Dress, Same Color
“The trend of having all your Bridesmaids wear a different dress but unify it with the same color started a few years ago,” Holland explained. “It was really born out of a Bride being considerate that her Bridesmaids had different body types and by choosing dresses this way, it meant her girls could be comfortable whether someone was thin or whether someone just had a baby and felt more comfortable in an empire waist dress or another forgiving silhouette.”
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#3 Different Dress and... Different Colors!
Yes, that's exactly what we said. Holland explained, “Yes, at first it can sound like too much to have your Bridesmaids wear different dresses and different colors but the look can be so beautiful. At Party Dress Express, we make sure to keep the fabric uniform, for instance, we'll make sure everyone is in chiffon, so the look is unified. It also helps to keep everyone in the same designer, too. But this is not only a great way for a Bride to express her individual style, but it's a great way in this economy to make sure you’re helping your Bridesmaid choose a dress she can wear again and again.”
“We just love seeing the great ideas our Brides come up with to put a little twist on things. Sometimes they'll pick the same Bridesmaids dresses and color but have each girl wear different color shoes. It's really a wonderful, creative time to be a Bride and here at Party Dress Express, we love working with Brides to help them achieve a gorgeous, romantic look on their wedding day!”
Discover more styles that represent these 3 trends in our Bridesmaids' Dresses gallery.

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