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Modern Bride: How To Incorporate Color Into Your Wedding Day Attire

Social Media sites such as Pinterest give us a glimpse into how the modern Bride wants to look on her wedding day. One trend we’re seeing over and over is how Brides are incorporating a splash of color into their wedding attire. From colored shoes to hot pink petticoats, Brides these days are stepping away from all white.

We went to Donna Holland, owner of Party Dress Express, New England’s #1 Retailer for Proms, Weddings and Special Occasions, to find out why this trend is so popular and what are the different ways Brides can bring color to their big day.

Something Blue: “We’re obviously always seen the color blue used in a Bride’s wedding attire as her “something blue.”  When I first started out, the use was subtle, perhaps a Bride was carrying a small blue handkerchief or she had a small blue ribbon pinned under her hem. But soon, we saw Brides be bolder. They wanted their something blue to be their dyed shoes or a statement necklace.”

But how did we then get to hot pinks, crisp oranges and pops of purple accenting a Bride’s wedding gown? Holland explains, “It’s really about a Bride’s desire to be unique and show off her personality."

How To Play With Color on Your Big Day
The biggest decision a Bride-To-Be will make after saying, “Yes, I will marry you!” is choosing her gown. But Holland told us, “That’s where the fun begins! That’s when you can start incorporating color with your wedding dress through accessories and more.  We find most Brides like to either use colors from their wedding palette or a color in that family.  But we’ve also seen, say, a Groom veto pink for the wedding and the Bride be able to express her love of that color with a gorgeous statement necklace.

Feeling like you might want to infuse color in your big day but not sure how to start? Holland gives us six great ways to play up color!

A Bride no longer needs to be confined to just pearls on her big day.  “Statement jewelry is a great way to add a burst of color. If the bodice of your dress is simple, you can really go for it,” Holland says, “If it’s a bit more intricate, I’d use a chunky bracelet or bold earrings.”
“We’ve seen some gorgeous cage veils and headpieces with the subtlest pop of color, perhaps a peacock, burgundy or light pink feather, “ Holland told us.  “This could be paired with the same color shoe or a sash on your wedding dress.  It’s not about overdoing it.  It’s about surprising your guests.”
“A pashmina is such a lovely way to bring color to your wedding day attire,” Holland told us.  “If a Bride is wearing something strapless, this is a sweet way to cover her bare shoulders but not cover up her gorgeous dress.  So perfect for an outdoor or garden wedding!”
“We’ve seen lots of photos in Bridal magazines with Brides wearing short dresses with a bold colored petticoat underneath. While we love the trend, I would advise a Bride to think about if she wants to bulk up her style of wedding dress to achieve this trend.  One thing we do at Party Dress Express for Brides that love this trend is sew in some colored tulle so they have that pop of color peeking out of their wedding dress, with none of the bulk that might change the shape of the dress.”
“I love the trend of colored shoes! From a baby pink to an emerald green, it’s such a fun way to express yourself on your wedding day. At Party Dress Express, we can dye shoes every color of the rainbow and we love how creative our Brides can be!,” Holland told us.  “And what’s really fun is the Bride can wear these shoes out again, perhaps at her anniversary dinner with her husband!”
“We love to be creative at Party Dress Express so if a Bride is looking for color to be at the centerpiece of her wedding gown, all she has to do is ask and we’ll make it happen!  We do, also, have so many dresses with a sash option.  It’s a great way to bring your wedding day colors to the forefront,” Holland said.
Happily Ever After (IN COLOR)
“I always tell my Brides, ‘There is no wrong way, there’s just your way.’  I don’t see color as a trend that a Bride can ‘do wrong,’ I see it as a perfect opportunity to express herself in a unique way. If a Bride wears bright pink heels with her wedding, gown I know she will look back fondly on her wedding and know she was true to the way she wanted to look! And I think it’s so special that her own daughter will look back at those photos and say, ‘Wow, my Mom was so cool.’ Those are the special moments we like to create at Party Dress Express."

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